We’re passionate about helping bars and restaurants make more money.

We believe businesses should realize their highest profit potential and we’re here to help them accomplish just that. We do this by building pioneering technologies that increase profits and improve productivity and processes in the food & beverage industry. Lock & Stock is the first of many products we are building to reach those goals. Imagine simplifying your business and increasing your bottom line at the same time!

How do our clients increase profits?

Patrons at the barThrough data. We have a passion for data. Data has the power to help our clients understand their businesses better. With the right data made easy to understand, our clients have a clearer view of how their business operates. That data can be used to influence and increase their bottom line. We build systems that collect data to give our clients easily understood reports, the tools for increased profits. Data becomes intelligence.

How do we improve processes and productivity?

Lock & Stock helps track beer tooWe’re not only building systems to collect data, we’re building systems that make business easier and more efficient. Our technologies are designed to seamlessly integrate with your businesses and significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of day-to-day processes. The Lock & Stock system is the fastest, most accurate and simplest to use system on the market today.